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George Steward


Photos by Christophoto, Inc.

Trumpet Lessons

George teaches beginning through advanced students, uniquely tailoring each lesson to an individual student. He has taught many students over the last twenty-five years (including all four of his kids!), so he has the experience and ability to teach just about anyone! George has also helped a number of adult trumpet players. George teaches his students skills and musicianship, but most of all he strives to help each one meet his/her own goals.

Principles used in the studio:

  • Students should enjoy their experience, and I do my best to make it enjoyable for them. I have a good time with my students and I think it relaxes them. Laughter is heard often in my studio.
  • We go through regular exercises to make sure the basics are in place: good tone being number one, followed by clear tonguing and flowing through phrases.
  • I like to encourage and expand their imagination when they play.
  • Students gain tools to be creative in their practice. When they target the right issue in the right way, their practice is so much more beneficial. I ask questions to help them understand why they're having difficulty. Not, "I just didn't pay attention," but, "this fingering pattern is slightly varied from an earlier passage."
  • I like to give them a challenge to push themselves once in awhile. Maybe every few weeks we take a small portion of an exercise and I walk them through the process of speeding it up to twice the speed they had previously done. Then, they see possibilities for themselves.
  • Each student has a natural bent, and I try to enhance those strengths, as well as work on the skills to complement their strengths. So, a soft, delicate player can learn to play with boldness. And, an aggressive player learns to also have sweetness and beauty.
  • I never berate students for the level of effort they display. They're here because they want to be. I'll let them know when their practice isn't going to get them to their goals, but this is an inviting place, not a harsh one.

George has coached brass ensembles that won the state solo & ensemble contest. He also had several trumpet students selected for the state competition, including one winner.

He has a studio in Lynnwood. Rates are $30/half-hour and $55/hour.

Contact George immediately to improve and have fun!


"I started taking lessons from George about 2 years ago. He's a very encouraging teacher and also gives you tips on how to improve. I'm glad that I switched to taking lessons from George and I look foward to learning more from him." from A.C.

"George has been an excellent choice as a trumpet teacher. Our boys have progressed both because of his knowledge and experience as well as his ability to creatively tailor learning techniques/exercises to their specific needs. We would recommend George to anyone who wants to learn and excel in trumpet." from T.B.

"George Steward is a great trumpet teacher for students from beginning to advanced levels. As an active professional player, he brings a strong musical background into the studio and works with students in a postive and constructive way. George focuses on a strong traditional approach to trumpet playing, giving the student a solid background for all musical styles and applications." from S.B.

"It is so important to find the right "fit" in order for your child to keep up their enthusiasm. George has been teaching my son for several years. Just recently we asked him if he wants to continue studying privately during his busy senior year and he said "of course!". From a 17 year old, that speaks VOLUMES about George and what a wonderful teacher he is. From a parent's standpoint, I have been very pleased with George Steward. I definitely noticed my son's technique and tone improve after studying with George. But there is one more plus that is very important and its what makes George a great teacher - he genuinely cares about his students. I recommend George Steward to everyone who asks me where they can find a great trumpet instructor." from V.K.

"I have enjoyed the assistance provided by George over the many weekly lessons he has provided. My performance level has increased greatly. My technical trumpet playing is much improved. George has abundant patience." from L.D.